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Passing touch light switch Q-SERIES to control 2 lighting zones

Touch lock switch two-zone is designed to control two sanami lighting. Difference pass switch from the others is that you can control one zone of lighting from different spots in the room. Including the light on one switch, you can easily turn it off on the other.

The switch has a backlight: when enabled, the red led, off – blue. To turn on/off the light you don't need to press strongly on the device – a light touch on the trackpad would be enough.

It is possible to install not only the individual sensor but also a joint installation with existing sockets and switches Vento Electric when using combined front panels.

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Passing touch light switch Q-SERIES to control 2 lighting zones Passing touch light switch Q-SERIES to control 2 lighting zones
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  • Remote control
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Features switches of Vento Electric
  • 3 years warranty!
    The quality of our products we pay special attention, therefore, on all products give an extended warranty for a period of 3 years.
  • Installation without any worries
    Need to install additional wires. Installation in a standard round mounting box with a diameter of 65-70 mm.
  • Remote control
    Control is possible from anywhere in the room within range of the remote control.
  • Color indication
    In the off state of the touch area is highlighted in blue, in red.
  • Led backlight
    You can easily use the switches as in poorly lit rooms and in complete darkness.
  • Glass OptiWhite
    The front panel switches made of crystal clear glass OptiWhite

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