To create future is our passion!

VENTO ELECTRIC trademark is the result of effective collaboration of Italian design workshop ELVENTO and Russian company VENTOBOX developing intellectual home control systems.

All products were made considering technical peculiarities of Russian electric grids. Wireless technologies operate using officially permitted frequencies. One of critical peculiarity is the possibility of integration of wireless microchips into many well-known home control systems.

We have combined our efforts, resources and possibilities to form modern, stylish, multifunctional control systems for electric devices in Your home that comply with all European quality standards and are capable to satisfy needs of the most demanding customer.

Wide experience and competence of Russian experts, Italian traditions and culture of production positively effect the final result. Continuously developing modern industrial technologies and ecologically-safe raw materials are used for manufacture of the whole VENTO ELECTRIC model line-up. Italian experts control quality of each produced item.

All VENTO ELECTRIC products are certified for compliance with state standards. The products systematically pass strength and performance tests thus allowing us to participate and win large state and commercial tenders.

Office in Italy

Italy +39 (0141) 162-00-94

Italy, Zona ind.le C.da Stracca, 64032, Atri (TE)
09:00 a.m - 04:00 p.m.

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